• Easy To Use: make a 3.12 inch round hole on the table surface, After that you just need to insert the power grommet through
  • Desk Outlet Station: 2 AC Oulet (125V/12A), 3 USB Charge Port ( 5V/2A Max), all in one to meet your device charge, very convenient to use on your desk
  • Outlet Wiht USB: Built-in 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A charging port on the top of the power strip; support charge mobile devices, lamps, laptop and other USB devices
  • Recessed Outlet : Flush-mount power grommet, No need to get on your knees to look were to connect your laptop/computor/labtop and so on, to address the nest of cords under the tables
  • Home Office Outlet: This product is great for home office desk. It fits inside a 3.12 inch hole drilled through desktop and adds ease of charging my phone and laptop at my workstation

Recessed Round Power Outlets with 2 AC Plugs and 2 USB port &1 type C