• This mini desk grommet usb outlets allows easy access to 1 US Plugs & 2 USB Ports connections, add power supply to your office desk or other places where you need power.
  • Desk outlet grommet with USB port, perfect for conference rooms,no more crawling under desks in business attire, it charge your phone and other electronic devices but doesn't take space of your work desk, keep the desktop tidy.
  • 1 US standard outlet & 2 USB ports & 6.56 ft extension power cord, 110-220V, 12A,USB port 2.1A , plastic material made.
  • Easy to install, make a round hole size about 2.0 inch (50mm). A drill, a hole saw, and our mini power grommet, with a locking ring to screw on underneath the table, after that you just need to connect the power.
  • 2 inch hole power grommet, that’s all you need for your DIY trip , and also good for retrofit an conference table with tabletop power, a good choice for DIY,works great even in nightstand, bench, chair, tables.

Desktop Power Grommet USB Outlet 2 Inch Hole Desk Grommet Power Outlet Build-in